Two million UK workers take up flexible working

More than 2 million people have embraced flexible working and are now working from home, according to statistics from the Office of National Statistics.

A further 8 million have also opted to spend at least part of their working week outside of the office.

According to a survey by Pipex, a UK provider of broadband services, 42% of UK employees are considering working from home in the future, as half of all homes are now connected to the internet.

Dominic Crolla, managing director of Pipex Internet, said: “With rising transport costs, and the increasing burden on the wallet of everyday living expenses, it is little wonder more and more people will be looking to work from home over the next few years, and it is not just the wallet that will benefit from this migration – working in a calm quiet environment could help relieve stress too.”

Since April 2003 parents of children aged under six or of disabled children aged under 18 have the right to apply to work flexibly providing they have the qualifying length of service. Employers have a statutory duty to consider their applications seriously. 

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