UK a nation of unhappy workers

half of the UK workforce looks forward to going to work, according to a TUC

compares to research which shows that 66 per cent of workers in the USA enjoy
going to work.

first report from the "British Workplace Representation and Participation
Survey" to the TUC’s Promoting Trade Unionism Task Group reveals
preferential treatment by management is the biggest complaint at work, followed
by unfair wages.

report, "What Workers want from Workplace Organisations", also shows
that non union members are not anti-union with almost two in three employees
saying they believe strong trade unions are needed to protect working
conditions and wages.

one in five think that unions have no future.

General Secretary John Monks said, "This report confirms that unions are
not reaching their full potential. There are clearly people who would like to
join a union but we have not yet organised their workplace. And even among
those who are not interested in unions at present, there is a real demand for a
greater voice at work."


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