UK businesses unprepared for 1 July smoking ban

UK businesses are not fully prepared for the new smoking ban legislation which comes into force on 1 July, new research has found.

A survey conducted by the Department of Health shows that 15% of businesses in England are not aware that their smoking room will have to be closed in just over two months time, while more than half are oblivious to the fact that work vehicles will also be covered in the ban.

Moreover, many respondents are unsure of the detail of the pending legislation, while nearly two in 10 (18%) realise they are not yet fully compliant and will have to take action before 1 July, including putting up no-smoking signs to meet the new law’s requirements.

Public health minister Caroline Flint said: “The countdown is now well under way until England becomes smoke-free. All businesses need to ensure they know exactly what they need to do before 1 July. Closing smoking rooms and making sure that everyone displays the correct signage will play a key part in the smooth introduction of this legislation.”

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