UK firms using share ownership guidelines on the rise

number of UK companies using formal share ownership guidelines has increased by
almost 20 per cent, according to a survey by consultants Mercer.

amount of firms using ownership guidelines, which outline the value of company
shares executives must own, has grown to 63 per cent, compared to 47 per cent
last year.

average executive salary has also risen very slightly to 6 per cent – up from
5.4 per cent in 2001 – but still significantly lower than the 9.1 per cent
increase of 2001.

poll, which covered more than 680 positions at 36 large employers, also found
the number of firms awarding rises of less than 5 per cent has risen by 18 per
cent to 63 per cent.

the number granting increases of more than 15 per cent has also gone up, from
27 per cent last year to 40 per cent in 2003.

By Ross Wigham

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