UK leads the way in Europe on employee benefits schemes

Most UK employees are more than twice as likely to join a company share scheme as their European counterparts, research from the Cranet survey of employee financial participation indicates.

The survey, conducted by Cranfield School of Management (CSM), compared share scheme participation among organisations with more than 200 employees across the UK and Europe, including both public and private sectors.


UK leads the way in sharing out the wealth.

It found a higher percentage of UK employees in three out of four job categories, including technical, administrative and manual, were members of share schemes.

A quarter of UK organisations also favour management share scheme participation, compared to around 15% of companies across the rest of Europe.


Profit sharing was found to be the most popular form of financial participation in Europe as a whole, with Germany, France and The Netherlands showing the highest figures. Profit-sharing schemes were found to be more common in the rest of Europe than the UK, irrespective of job roles.

Managers are also more likely to own stock options than any other job category, according to the research, with stock options being a general feature in managerial reward packages.


The research shows that financial participation is becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the UK and Europe.

Source for graphs: Data: Cranfield School fo Management

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