UK managers fail to deliver on productivity

UK managers are plagued by mediocrity and short-termism, and are to blame
for the country’s low productivity rate.

A TUC report claims the poor state of UK management is holding back the
Government’s drive to boost productivity, and suggests that dealing with
disputes in a more collective way is good for business.

The TUC wants the Government to help create a business environment which
encourages firms to adopt policies that improve productivity.

TUC general secretary John Monks said: "There is an alternative to the
slash-and-burn ‘low road’ to productivity. The ‘high road’ is not easy, but it
does make good business sense. Unfortunately, too many UK managers take the
lazy route, slashing pay, cutting jobs and lengthening hours.

"Good employers know there is nothing to fear from minimum standards
and sharing best practice," he added.

The union said the recommendations in the Government’s Company Law Review,
particularly the introduction of an obligation on firms to produce an operating
and financial review, need to be implemented.

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