UK must fight to keep WTD opt-out or pay the price

I have just read your lead news story and the editorial comment about the individual opt-out clause to the Working Time Directive (Personnel Today, 26 April). Both these pieces are spot-on and I completely agree with the comment.

Part of my business is an automotive breakdown and recovery department, employing 12 skilled and dedicated operatives.

I have been dreading any change in legislation because, quite literally, I do not know how this business would continue to function under any new regime. It is hard enough to recruit the right staff for this specialised job now, let alone if the rules change.

I am absolutely astounded that the legislators have not understood the implications and knock-on effect this would cause, not only to me but to masses of UK businesses.

I predict there will be a massive backlash against this, which I, for one, will join in with.

Derek Hammond
Managing director
Hammond Land Rover

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