UK second worst on age discrimination

UK employers are the second worst in Europe when it comes to age
discrimination, according to a Europe-wide poll by recruitment website Monster.

The UK was second only to France in terms of the number of employees who
felt that a person’s age was an issue during the recruitment process.

The poll found that age discrimination was one of the most prevalent forms
of workplace bias. Approximately 67 per cent of the 830 British workers
questioned felt ageism was happening in their workplace.

A further 20 per cent believed their firm preferred a certain age profile,
while 13 per cent said people of all ages were considered for employment.

France was the worst offender, on 71 per cent, followed by the UK and then
the Netherlands on 66 per cent.

According to the Cabinet Office, the cost of ageism is £16bn, despite a
voluntary code of practice on age diversity as well as high-profile campaigns
from groups like the EFA and Age Positive.

However, the EU Employment Directive on Equal Treatment has issued a 2006
deadline for all member states to implement age discrimination legislation.

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