UK staff willing to take pay cut to improve business

A quarter of UK professionals are willing to take a pay cut to help out
their employer, research claims.

A survey of more than 3,000 workers across Europe finds that UK staff are
willing to find ways to help their business – including a drop in salary.

The research, by HR Gardens, shows UK professionals are also concerned with
the way their company operates. In all, 90 per cent want their company to play
a part in improving society, while 80 per cent think their employer should be
ethical, friendly and trustworthy.

John Crozier, CEO of HR Gardens UK, said: "UK employees have proved
they are both intelligent and highly principled. They know exactly what they
want and, as the survey indicates, it’s not always money."

Almost half of UK respondents said they do not expect a pay rise in the next

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