UK training company takes expertise to Sudan

Training and development company, Pearcemayfield , has been using its expertise to help Roots, a charity working to make a difference to the lives of people in Southern Sudan.

John Edmonds, Head of Training and Innovation at the company visited Yei in June, on a trip organised by Medic Assist International, to develop plans to improve education, where currently the needs are great and the provision is at best, poor.

Pearcemayfield already supported the work in Sudan by providing resources for a fact-finding visit in 2008, during which Sudanese business people were taught some of the joys of risk management, product-based planning and project management governance.

John Edmonds explains the purpose of the latest visit: “We wanted to further develop the charity’s engagement and agree how and where we should involve ourselves.

“The focus of what we plan to do in the medium term is around education. We have now connected with a British couple who have moved to South Sudan for the next few years. One of them has become Head Teacher at a primary school, and has identified the need for greater resources to tackle literacy issues.

“We have therefore developed a plan to build, equip and staff a library at the school. The Project Brief has been agreed with the decision makers in Sudan, and we are now awaiting cost indications before we begin to seek funding.”

The specific aim of Roots is to work with the business community and with children and young people in Southern Sudan, a country which is trying to recover from 40 years of war. 

For more information about the work of Roots, visit  website:

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