UK training lacks cash commitment

UK companies spend on average 3.5% of their annual payroll bill on training. This compares favourably with other European countries, with only Sweden spending a higher proportion.

Recent research from the Cranet Survey on International Strategic HR Management compared training provision in UK companies with organisations in three other European countries.

In terms of the actual number of training days offered to employees per year, UK organisations offer, on average, just over five days to managers and five and a half days to professional or technical staff.

Clerical and manual workers get slightly less training at between three and four days. This falls slightly short of some of our European neighbours with Sweden and Denmark offering over six days per year to both management and professional and technical staff. German organisations offer less training to management and professional or technical employees than UK companies.

In terms of the type of training offered to employees, the UK, Sweden and Denmark are relatively similar, with just over half of employees receiving only internal training, and another third receiving both internal and external training.

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