UK women not taking enough exercise

Four out of five British women are endangering their health because they
fail to take enough exercise, a survey by charity Cancer Research UK has

A poll of 1,142 UK women found most exercised less than three times a week
for 30 minutes or more, and one in four did none at all. Only one in five met
the Government recommendation of exercising five times a week or more for 30

Dr Lesley Walker, director of cancer information at the charity, said:
"It is very worrying that such a large proportion of British women take
less than the recommended amount of exercise, or none at all. This could lead
to serious health problems."

The survey followed a review by Cancer Research UK-funded researchers at
Bristol University, which showed regular exercise could cut the risk of bowel
cancer by up to 50 per cent and possibly help prevent breast, lung and
endometrial cancer.

Nearly 40 per cent of women polled said lack of time stopped them from
exercising more often. Nearly a fifth put it down to a lack of motivation.

The survey was published to coincide with the launch of the campaign to
raise awareness of the 10th anniversary of the Tesco Race for Life, the
charity’s women-only 5km fundraiser.

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