Understanding disability discrimination

Association of Graduate Recruiters has launched a new briefing paper to help
graduate recruiters understand disability discrimination.

Disabled Graduates outlines disability discrimination legislation in the
workplace and offers advice on a range of issues, including attracting disabled
graduates, planning recruitment and selection activities to avoid
discrimination, tailoring induction programmes for disabled employees, and
retention and career building for disabled employees.

Gilleard, chief executive of AGR, said: "Graduate recruiters stand at the
interface between disabled students and the world of work and it is important
that they make sure recruitment processes are inclusive.

recruiters would like to feel their procedures are just, but lack of knowledge
about particular issues can lead to unintentional discrimination.

new briefing paper is designed to keep them up-to-date while highlighting the
positive reasons for recruiting disabled people."

guide also discusses factors that have impacted on graduate recruitment over
the past few years, including changes in higher education, the labour market
and the recruitment sector.

show around 18 per cent of the working age population has some kind of
disability, yet disabled people are six times as likely as non-disabled people
to be out of work. 


By Quentin Reade

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