Union boss plans flying visit to the Glastonbury field

The Amicus union boss Derek Simpson’s plan to arrive at the Glastonbury
Festival this weekend by helicopter is indicative of a new approach to winning
over young people to trade unionism, according to Unifi joint general
secretary, Rory Murphy.

Simpson was widely panned in the media for planning to fly in to the music
festival after he promised a ‘no frills’ leadership style when he came to

However, in an exclusive interview with Personnel Today, Murphy said it was
vital that trade unions interacted with young people to ensure their future
relevance to the workplace.

"We have to look at new ways to deliver the message that we have and to
get people engaged with the unions," Murphy explained.

"It is very important that young people get an opportunity to have that
debate – even if it is just to say ‘hang on a minute, what relevance are you to

– On 1 July, financial services union Unifi becomes part of Amicus to
create one of the biggest UK unions. See next week’s issue of Personnel Today
for an exclusive interview with Rory Murphy on the effect this will have on
industrial relations.

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