Union clashes with Sky over new bonus scheme

Sky’s introduction of a new bonus scheme at its call centres in Scotland has
led to a clash with broadcast union Bectu.

Bectu’s officer for Scotland, Paul McManus said the new Sky Achievers Bonus is
geared at top performers at the expense of the majority of the 6,000 workforce
at the call centres in Livingston and Dunfermline.

McManus claims that many Bectu members will have their take-home pay slashed
as a result of the new scheme. "The company says the bonus scheme will
reward those who work hardest. However, the experience of the vast majority is
that earnings are being cut. Some staff have reported a 75 per cent drop in
additional earnings which they will clearly find difficult to sustain,"
McManus said.

But Robert Fraser, a spokesman for Sky, said the new Sky Achievers Bonus was
introduced after detailed consultation with sales staff at all levels and it
rewards the most effective staff more fairly.

McManus said sales staff earnings start as low as £10,000 and staff are
dependent on additional income from overtime or the bonus scheme.

The union is also unhappy about changes to rules on Bank Holiday working,
which mean staff can no longer refuse to work. It has also accused Sky of
reducing sick pay.

Bectu has pledged to support its members in claims to the tribunals for
unlawful deductions from wages, if Sky presses ahead with the cuts.

Fraser confirmed Sky had introduced changes to Bank Holiday working, but
added staff are awarded an extra day’s holiday in lieu.

He denied there had been any reduction in sick pay, but said there is a
structured appeals process in place to address any grievances over the changes.

By Quentin Reade

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