Union dismisses government project to protect migrant workers

A government-sponsored pilot project to curb the exploitation of migrants and other vulnerable workers in the construction industry has been dismissed as rubbish by unions.

The scheme is scheduled to launch early next year in London docklands and run for two years.

It aims to bring together unions, local authorities, business groups and advisory bodies to tackle the problems faced by vulnerable workers.

But the Transport and General Workers union (T&G) has given the project a sceptical reception.

Bob Blackman, national construction secretary at the T&G, said: “This is rubbish. These workers haven’t got any rights. They need to be employed by the same firm for a year before they acquire employment protection rights. And that just doesn’t happen.

“If they complain about low pay or unsafe working conditions they are sacked. What the government seems to be looking for is employers who will confess that they are exploiting their workers. It’s unrealistic.”

However the government has insisted that businesses will benefit as the project will look at the help given to employers to meet their employment law obligations.

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