Union responds sharply to threat to BBC final salary pension scheme

The BBC may close its final salary pension scheme to new members and raise the retirement age for younger employees from 60 to 65, according to broadcast union Bectu.

The corporation currently runs a generous final salary scheme, which guarantees employees a retirement income based on length of service and level of pay in the last year of work.

But it will be replaced by a ‘career average’ scheme, according to Bectu officials who claim to be familiar with the plan.

Gerry Morrissey, assistant secretary general of Bectu, warned that the plan could prompt a wave of strikes.

“If it is as drastic as we think, we will strike immediately,” he said. “Our members will be outraged. Apart from being paid every month, pensions are their biggest concern.”

A similar scheme was recently introduced by the Co-op. It would leave new members around 30% worse off, according to Bectu.

Union officials are meeting BBC executives on 20 April to discuss the plan.

A BBC spokesman said: “The BBC scheme is a very healthy one. This is a routine actuarial review. When it is finalised we will communicate with our members and brief the unions.”

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