Unions launch campaign against Ryanair employment tactics

have begun a campaign against alleged abusive tactics at Ryanair,
which has come under fire for practices such as its refusal to pay trainee

Irish low-cost airline has attracted criticism for making employees pay for
uniforms, withdrawing free crew refreshments and actively discouraging union

International Transport Workers’ Federation, which includes the UK’s
Transport & General Workers’ Union,
said staff felt intimidated into silence at the airline.

been told people are afraid to speak in some Ryanair
workplaces,” said ITWF general secretary David Cockroft.
“As far as we’re concerned, that stops now."

part of the campaign, the ITWF has today launched a website for employees (www.ryan-be-fair.org, providing staff with a
forum to discuss work issues.

addition, the unions intend to give out leaflets and cards to staff at airports
and to raise awareness among Ryanair’s passengers in
some countries.

spokesperson for Ryanair said its
staff were better paid than ITWF members at many other airlines, including
BA and Lufthansa.

By Daniel Thomas 

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