Unions refute any split in ranks over super union set-up

Reports that the proposed ‘super union’ is under threat are unfounded as unionists are “desperate” for it, according to a senior Amicus source.

The merger of Amicus, Transport & General Workers’ Union (T&G) and the GMB union is due to take place in January 2007, but rumours are growing that arguments over its structure and leadership could threaten the creation of the 2.6 million-strong body.

The GMB and T&G are reportedly upset that Amicus wants to impose strict central control on the new body, while the general secretary of Amicus, Derek Simpson, and the T&G’s Tony Woodley are fighting it out to see who should be in charge.

But the Amicus source told Personnel Today that rather than opposing the merger, the T&G and GMB were “desperate” for it, as their memberships were based on industry sectors that are producing fewer and fewer members.

Amicus, on the other hand, represents growth areas for union recruiters, including the not-for-profit NHS and the finance sector, the source said.
It is likely that Woodley and Simpson would share the power at the outset and Simpson, who will soon turn 62, would eventually step down to allow the T&G general secretary to take over, said the source.

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