Universities and colleges are breaking equality law

Some female academics are earning as much as £8,000 less than their male
counterparts for the same job, according to research.

League tables published by the university and college lecturers union NATFHE
show most universities are breaking the law on equal pay for equal work.

Tom Wilson, head of the union’s universities department, called on employers
in higher education to act.

He said, "NATFHE’s research destroys the myth that unequal pay can be
somehow explained away.

"These figures prove beyond doubt that women are paid less than men
they work alongside.

"The Government, Funding Councils and HE employers must urgently act to
ensure there is top level commitment and resources to tackle the problem."

The £8,000 gap was found in the pay of male and female professors of anatomy
and physiology, while in veterinary science the gap is £7,000.

In agriculture and forestry, women lecturers earn £4,950 less than male

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