University of Bath gets new HR alumni group

HR professionals who are graduates of the University of Bath have formed an alumni group to network with each other and benefit from the university’s research in people management.

The group includes HR directors and senior staff from Marks & Spencer, News International, The Parole Board of England & Wales and one of the leading city banks.

Following its first meeting in December 2005, they are now seeking other graduates from the University who work in HR and people management to join the group.

They will meet around twice a year and will be able to exchange ideas via the University’s new interactive alumni website.

Keith Cameron, HR director for Marks & Spencer who graduated in 1971 with a BSc in Sociology, said: “I think the University of Bath’s HR alumni group offers clear benefits for us as graduates, and to the university itself.

“As a group, we can offer assistance to the university in its research aims by discussing research ideas and initial results with academics. We can also help to open doors for researchers to access real life case studies.”

Professor John Purcell, director of the Work and Employment Research Centre at the University of Bath, said: “This is a great opportunity to build even closer relationships with alumni who work in the HR industry. We greatly look forward to working with them and sharing ideas. This is the best way to share knowledge.”


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