Unpaid overtime an expected part of global work experience

A third of workers in the UK work more than 10 hours unpaid overtime each
week according to research.

The survey of more 4,000 employees by recruitment specialist Robert Walters also
reveals that just under a half are expected to work an additional three to
eight hours unpaid.

Another fifth of workers do up to two hours unpaid overtime every week.

Gerry Chesterman, Robert Walters’ UK regional director said the survey
reflects the pressure most staff feel under at work.

"This extremely high statistic also points out employees’ ambition and
commitment in today’s working environment. Candidates going into new roles
expect a certain level of overtime, demonstrating that it has become

The UK is not the only country staff are expected to work long periods of
unpaid overtime.

In Japan, 48 per cent of employees work an extra 10 hours unpaid, in Hong
Kong the figure is 47 per cent and in France 41 per cent put in extra hours.


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