Unskilled staff sidelined on pensions

million UK employees do not have an occupational pension scheme and five
million are reliant on state provision, warns a new study from the TUC.

findings suggest that only 34 per cent of unskilled men are in an occupational
scheme, compared to 76 per cent of professionals.

gulf is even wider among women with only27 per cent of unskilled female workers
making pension provision compared to 71 per cent of professionals. And just 28
per cent of part-time women have an occupational scheme, while the figure for
full-timers is 55 per cent.

study, Uncovered: Workers Without Pensions, draws on government statistics such
as the New Earnings Survey.

concludes that it is impossible to deny that good pension provision is
disproportionately skewed to male employees, and particularly those working
full-time with higher status jobs with better pay.   www.tuc.org.uk/pensions/index.cfm

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