Upgrade Your Brain – 52 Brilliant Ideas for Everyday Genius

Author: John Middleton
Price: £12.99
Publisher: Infinite Ideas
Pages: 256
ISBN: 1904902561

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The title of this book sets the tone. Using quirky humour, the author takes you through 52 brilliant ideas to develop your brain power. If you like books that offer quick soundbites for ideas, then this will appeal to you.

Looking at numerous issues, ranging from problem-solving to lateral thinking, John Middleton has created a book that is a quick read, designed so that you can specialise and act upon one topic a week.

Each section is divided into four parts:

1. It gives you an idea.

2. It gives you another idea, so you can expand/enhance the first idea.

3. Experts define the idea.

4. It finishes with a question-and-answer section to check how the idea worked out.

If you fancy upgrading your brain, sharpening your senses and harnessing your mental powers, then this book will help to galvanise the old grey matter.

Who knows what you’ll be capable of 52 weeks from now?

Useful? four out of five stars
Well-written? four out of five stars
Practical? four out of five stars
Inspirational? five out of five stars
Value for money? four out of five stars
Overall four out of five stars

Reviewed by Fiona West, senior training and development adviser, MCPS-PRS Alliance

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