US bosses in the firing line

per cent of US workers would like to fire their boss.

survey of at 1,118 visitors to also found 29 per cent would
have their boss assessed by a workplace psychologist and 23 per cent would send
their boss for management training.

of Gary Lahey said: "These results seem consistent with
psychologist Dr Robert Hogan’s suggestion that at least 55 per cent of managers
in America are incompetent.

in general, given the human and financial costs, it’s really time for corporate
America to get serious about bad bosses."

surveys indicate that around 40 per cent of employees have had to deal with a
bad boss. A Gallup Organization study of more than a million employees found
that the biggest single cause of staff leaving a company is that person’s
immediate supervisor. 

also found poorly managed workgroups are an average of 50 per cent less
productive and 44 per cent less profitable than well-managed groups.

By Quentin Reade

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