US car firm steers clear of ‘P’ word

HR managers at a US-owned car components plant in Wales are banned from
talking about partnership when they visit the States.

The BorgWarner Automotive plant has a thriving partnership deal, despite the
fiercely anti-union policy of the parent firm. The deal has developed over the
past decade, with US approval.

But HR manager John Haslam said its tolerance does not extend to discussion
of the issue while on visits to the US. "They always put it down to us
having a different culture," he said.

"Six or seven years ago they even accused us of being communists. But
as long as it delivers results they will leave us alone."

AEEU senior convener Keith Scourfield said, "Union colleagues in the US
tell me unions are considered two-headed monsters and there is no way
management wants them at their plants."

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