US payroll and coaching experts gain best pay rises

Specialists in payroll, training and diversity in the US received the best
pay rises in HR in 2000, according to research.

The joint research by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and
William M Mercer shows that technical trainers’ pay has increased by 15.2 per
cent last year to around $58,100 (£41,000) while diversity managers’ pay has
gone up 11.5 per cent to around $90,000 (£64,000).

The more widespread HR roles saw a wide range of median pay increases,
ranging from 8.7 per cent for a payroll manager to 2 per cent for a
compensation analyst or HR generalist.

Lower-level positions, including administrative, clerical, and generalist
roles, received pay increases of 2 per cent or less.

Patricia Schaeffer, senior compensation consultant at William M Mercer,
said, "The economic uncertainty appears to be holding down pay increases
in certain areas where qualified HR talent is more readily available, including
many of the entry-level positions.

"However, in certain areas – including jobs requiring specialised
skills, such as corporate security and HR information systems – pay rose at a
fairly brisk pace."

Several new roles were included in the survey, including immigration and
expatriate services manager and HR service centre representative.

Debra Cohen, director of research for SHRM, said, "These new jobs
reflect the evolving role of HR. The increasing globalisation of the workforce
has caused a number of companies to create new positions specifically to deal
with immigration and expatriate issues. The addition of the service centre
positions reflects the new and different ways that HR delivers services to its

The survey gathered data from 1,156 companies and 103 different HR roles,
ranging from senior management to clerical positions.


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