VaLUENTiS launches HR shared service analytics

VaLUENTiS has expanded its HR shared services solutions with the formation of its shared service analytics offering.

With over a decade of HR shared service implementation experience, the company is focusing more on upstream work around HR shared services in terms of its business case, design and performance measurement.

This is in response to increasing client dissatisfaction with the ‘shared service’ experience as well as linking to the operational excellence principles of the wider Value-Based HR philosophy. This dedicated solution includes the fast-track 30-day plan, using the HR process and system mapping of the well-known VB-HR™ activity Profiler.

Nicholas J Higgins, CEO of VaLUENTiS, commented, “We’ve been in the HR shared service implementation game for over a decade and have gained a wealth of client project experience. We still see too little thought being paid to the way in which the shared service set-up interacts with the rest of the HR delivery team and in how it values its contribution.

“We are also concerned that organisations are still only being served with a diet of basic internal efficiency metrics. Our solution includes the next generation of measurement, what we term Measurement 2.0, which includes aspects of value. HR shared service implementation is not just about one-off cost reduction. There is a value based side to it as well.”

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