Video Arts launches new ‘one-stop-shop’ learning library with 9,500 resources

Video Arts, the learning content specialist, has launched a new library of business, leadership, soft skills and desktop computing learning assets that includes 9,500 video training clips, e-learning courses, workshop resources and digital books.

Called iLearn, the new library combines content from Video Arts and MindLeaders ThirdForce along with Safari Books Online’s business library. It features 1,500 corporate video clips with trainer workshop guides, 3,000 e-learning courses and 5,000 digital books. Clients can pick and choose from the available content to create a tailored learning solution for their learners.

“Through our partnerships with MindLeaders ThirdForce and Safari Books Online, we’ve brought best-of-breed learning content together under one umbrella,” said Caroline Hyde, Director of Learning at Video Arts. “This saves clients time and money because they can source video, e-learning and book solutions from a single supplier. iLearn also enables them to tailor learning for different ‘communities of practice’ and create genuine blended learning programmes by mixing the resources. It’s a one-stop-shop for relevant, enjoyable and effective learning.”

For organisations that don’t have their own learning management system (LMS), Video Arts can provide the iLearn library fully integrated on a sophisticated LMS platform. Powered by JZero Solutions, the LMS can be customised to meet an organisation’s specific needs and learning processes. It enables clients to create tailored learning paths, schedule and manage all learning – including classroom-based events – track and report on all learning activity and feed information back to their HR system.

“iLearn is a comprehensive learning library but we can also provide it as a hassle-free LMS-plus-content solution that links with our mobile-learning platform and supports external content from other providers,” said Gerry Quirke, Client Services Manager at Video Arts.

iLearn is the latest addition to the ‘build to order’ capabilities of Video Arts. The company already creates integrated off-the-shelf and bespoke video, e-learning and mobile-learning solutions for major organisations.

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