Virtual tutors join the army

New staff at British Army’s Land Command are being assigned an online
virtual tutor to help with IT training. Users can interact with a human
instructor in live sessions accessed via an intranet connection and a standard

The training, for both basic and tailored IT applications, is aimed at Land
Command staff based in remote locations and unable to attend classroom sessions
during the induction period.

The £250,000 project is being delivered by the solutions and training
divisions of Parity. The company is providing the content, LMS and

Heather Moore, managing director at Parity solutions division, said:
"The focus on the project is on user experience. Our investigations for
this particular project revealed that users did not interact well with basic,
text-based computer-based training (CBT).

"With our training division, we created virtual tutors to give the
learning process personality and provide a more interactive environment. This
is a resource they can go back to and use to refresh their skills – something a
classroom environment alone cannot easily provide."

Lt Col Barry Keegan, ICS programme manager at HQ Land Command, said:
"Our people are distributed across the country and all over the globe. IT
training may not be our top priority, but it is still important our users are
able to interact with our IT systems."

The on-line tutor is scheduled to go live this summer.

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