Vodafone does not regard staff retention as an HR policy issue

The most effective retention strategies have nothing to do with HR processes and policies, according to Matthew Brearley, HR director at Vodafone UK.

Speaking exclusively to Personnel Today, Brearley said: “The most effective retention strategy is a great manager – it’s not an HR policy or process.

“Our job in HR is to find how to help select, promote, develop and create the capabilities for great managers. People join great companies they leave bad managers.”

Brearley said Vodafone, which employs about 10,500 people in nine offices across the UK, has focused on developing local standards for its line managers.

“We measure employee engagement by standards set by local measures. We’ve really worked on educating our managers about what it means to be a great Vodafone leader,” he said.

Staff turnover across Vodafone UK stands at an average of 21%, compared with 30% across the retail and customer service industries.

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