Vodafone Foundation offers chance to work for charities

Vodafone HR director Matthew Brearly will get involved in a new kind of recruitment activity this month as he helps to select external applicants to work in a charity of their choice.

Under a programmeF launched two weeks ago by the Vodafone Foundation, the charity arm of the communications giant, UK individuals can now apply to work at any charity around the world for up to a year.

Chosen individuals will be directly employed by the not-for-profit organisation, which Vodafone will pay for, and could earn up to £25,000 for 12 months plus and £20,000 in expenses.

They will be responsible for arranging with their current employer whether they take a sabbatical for a year or leave their job altogether.

A Foundation spokeswoman told Personnel Today: “This scheme gives charities access to good skills. But it will also help engage our employees and get them thinking about volunteering.”

The foundation has run similar programmes in New Zealand and Australia before, but never for UK residents. Four people will be selected from the UK, and the deadline to apply is 31 July 2008.

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