Vodafone trials direct content channel

Vodafone has recently conducted a trial of a new delivery channel for
e-learning content that could prove to be more effective than either the web or

When set against a control trial using e-mail to send content, Skinkers
Communications’ Relationship Management Platform (RDP) achieved a 70 per cent
higher rate of participants actually receiving the content in the first place.
And more than three times as many viewed the content on receipt.

It utilises a receiver which allows content to be delivered from a sender,
typically based somewhere else in the company.

The receiver (around 1-11/2Mb) takes only seconds to install and
organisations can put their company brand on it. "The disadvantage of
e-mail is clutter – and people don’t read everything sent to them; and with an
intranet there is a reliance on people going to it," said Jamie Moore of
Skinkers. "Our technology transmits content direct to them."

Vodafone, which tested the new channel with 3G learning content directed at
its staff ‘product wizards’, could integrate the technology as a corporate
communications channel. "Staff [using the Skinkers technology] appeared to
consume learning materials directed to them and internalised it to a far
greater extent," said Headley Bowen, head of management development at

"The technology should enable us to strike an effective balance between
staff taking responsibility for their own development, and the organisation
ensuring they continue to develop within required parameters."


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