Volunteering experience is preferred

Most employers prefer to recruit candidates with volunteering experience on
their CV, according to a recent survey.

The research by recruitment specialist Reed Executive and volunteering
charity TimeBank shows that nearly three quarters of employers are impressed by
voluntary work. Sixty per cent claim they are more likely to promote and give
pay rises to employees who volunteer.

But only one quarter of employers offer staff paid time off to carry out
voluntary work. This is despite over two thirds of respondents viewing employee
volunteering as a way to enhance the community profile of their company, claims
the research. More than three quarters of the organisations surveyed rating
community re- lations as important.

"Businesses are now realising that voluntary work not only benefits
staff, but also the company as a whole" said John Rafferty, chief
executive of TimeBank.

More than 200 UK businesses were surveyed for the research.

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