Vybrant Organisation help Wella AG design new sales training

Vybrant Organisation, a full service talent and leadership consultancy, are delighted to announce that they will be helping Wella AG (Wella) to design a body of new sales training to add to their existing resources.

The training will be based on Vybrant’s 3D selling technology, which brings additional dimensions to the sales process. This training will then be run and rolled out internally by Wella.

Wella is a leading supplier of professional haircare products and services, reaching about two million hairdressing salons worldwide. Wella have opted to use Vybrant after seeing Vybrant’s work with other parts of parent company Proctor & Gamble, helping to redesign call sales models. 

Alan Sears, Vybrant Director, says, “Wella’s existing sales training is very good – our 3D selling technology will add another dimension to that training to help sales representatives increase their sales. We’re experts in developing and implementing the competencies and strategies needed to increase sales and achieve sales excellence. Because we thoroughly understand how the sales process works, we are able to transfer this knowledge to others to help them increase their sales results.”

About Vybrant

Vybrant is a full service talent, leadership and learning consultancy based in the UK. Our business is making people more valuable: whether through organisational development, leadership development, supporting sales excellence or improving talent and performance.

About Wella AG

Wella was founded in 1880 by a German hairdresser. Today, Wella is a leading supplier of professional hair products and services reaching about two million hairdressers worldwide. Wella also sells products directly to shoppers in stores.

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