War museum’s strategy for top leaders

The Imperial War Museum has launched a new leadership and management
development programme for senior managers in an effort to improve performance
and boost communications.

The museum’s 60 most senior managers will undertake the six-day management
development programme, which is split into two modules and designed by Roffey

Janet Atkinson, Imperial War Museum’s head of personnel, said the museum is
facing many challenges, including improving collections, generating revenues
and meeting attendance targets.

"As well as helping our senior managers develop key skills, the
programme has enhanced teamworking and communications across the museum by
bringing together cross-departmental groups who are based in different parts of
the country," she said.

"In line with the Government’s lifelong learning agenda, it helps us
create a supportive culture which encourages learning."

The course was designed by running a series of focus groups involving staff
from all branches to identify the competencies, skills and attributes needed at
the museum. It will include a specially developed 360-degree feedback

The first module lasts three days and covers leadership, strategy, managing
change, self awareness, influencing others, personal power and control,
organisational culture and micro politics.

The participants draft their own personal development plan and also work as
a team on an organisational development project for the museum.

The second module covers team development, team working, performance
management, communication and coaching.

Directors and heads of department from the Imperial War Museum in South
London as well as from the Cabinet War Rooms, HMS Belfast, Imperial War Museum
Duxford and the new Imperial War Museum North, will undertake the course.

By Quentin Reade

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