Weather the economic storm with effective and transferable leadership training

My Peak Potential has today launched its new website with a competition to find the team most deserving of a leadership development training prize. 

The prize, worth £4,500 for the winning team of 6 people, comprises a three day Team-building and Leadership skills training programme at the Carnegie Alpenrose, My Peak Potential’s training centre in Bavaria.

My Peak Potential is run by a team of experts in leadership development, and as one of the team, former British Army Adventurous Training specialist and mountaineer Dave Bunting MBE, explains:

“Adventurous Training is used in the Armed Forces to develop leadership and enhance the performance of Servicemen and women. Activities involving controlled exposure to risk are used to develop leadership and teamwork, build self confidence and increase self awareness; all skills vital to good operational performance.  We want to make our experience available to teams in the business world to improve their performance.”

My Peak Potential experiential learning programmes provide a powerful way of engaging participants. The programmes are highly motivating and have greater impact and credibility than classroom-based learning as participants learn through what they experience and what they encounter.

Learning takes place using the vehicle of outdoor activities, in a domain where actions have real outcomes and consequences, therefore stimulating new ways of problem solving, communicating and decision making.  Through effective review and reflection of what works and what doesn’t the learning can be embedded and transferred back into the workplace.

The prize for the winning team is a tailor-made leadership development programme that includes a range of outdoor activities, motivational talks and reflection into how to build and lead a high performing team.

Some aspects are based on the Everest experiences of the Director of Training, Dave Bunting and Director of Operations, John Doyle. 

Entrants need to simply log onto the website before 30 May 2009 and outline, in no more than 100 words, why their team should be considered for this fabulous prize.   The winner will be announced within 28 days of the closing date.                          

As Steve Jackson, a former Ordinary Rating in the Royal Navy who reached the rank of Captain and is now MD of My Peak Potential explains:

“We want to help the winning team to be their best by drawing on our unparalleled and extensive experience gained in demanding leadership and management roles in the Armed Forces and whilst on some of the highest mountains in the world. 

“Our new website offers exciting and innovative ideas to inspire you and help you to develop your staff.  In these turbulent times your team members need the confidence and motivation to use their knowledge and skills to achieve peak performance. 

“This is what will help you ride out the recession and be in a good position to move forward when it ends – which it will.  We have also created a unique new “Be Inspired” button which I hope will provide you with innovative ideas for bespoke training programmes.

“Fill in the quick and easy form and one of our specialists will get in touch to help you build an effective and powerful development programme.”

This is supported by Ian Gray the Managing Director of Templegate Developments Limited who experienced the programme recently and commented: “Inspirational place, inspirational people and by far and away the best leadership and team building corporate facility I have ever experienced”.

The winning team will have a programme built to its requirements, which will be designed to include challenges and experiences that improve communications, develop leadership ability, break down the barriers to effective team working, improve team building; forge team bonding and enhance interdependency. 

Many of the skills need to ride out the economic storm currently engulfing us. 

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