Web cuts cost of finding trainees

Leisure company UCI’s online recruitment of trainee managers has
dramatically cut costs and speeded the process up, claims the company’s head of

Karen Fenton said that UCI has saved £1,060 in recruitment costs per
trainee, which represents a 66 per cent fall.

"We don’t have huge HR teams anymore, and traditional forms of
recruitment are very labour-intensive. Using the Web was the ideal
solution," she said. "The campaign began in March this year, and the
whole selection process has taken less than a month."

UCI invited applicants to fill in an online application form, followed by an
online behavioural questionnaire covering core competencies. The final stage of
the assessment involved a day of numeracy and verbal reasoning tests, as well
as team activities.

The recruitment scheme was marketed with a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
theme. Of the 355 applications received online, UCI put 15 management trainees
into an accelerated training programme – cutting their induction period from a
year to 12 weeks.

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