Web halves time taken to fill posts

Federal Express has slashed the time it takes to employ staff by more than
half since moving to online recruitment.

It now takes the courier company 30 days from placing an advert to filling
the vacancy, compared to over two months using a manual screening process.

Sean Dixon, HR manager at Federal Express UK, Ireland and Scandinavia, said
the company has been posting its job vacancies through Monster.com’s Office HR
portal since December, saving the organisation tens of thousands of pounds.

The company posts vacancies on the site, at a cost of £185 a job.

"The key component to our success is the calibre and dedication of our
staff, so we must have an effective recruitment process.

"Online recruitment allows us to reach a greater global pool of talent
through a time- and cost-effective medium. The success has been across all
areas, not just in IT but for frontline and warehouse staff," Dixon said.

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