web site of the week

Need access
to figures from the latest skills survey for a report that your boss has asked
you to do at the last minute? Not a problem – just download a PDF (portable
document format) file on Skill Survey 2000 here and it’ll look like you’ve been
researching it for weeks. The Internet means there is no excuse for being
ill-informed, and the IoD site is another essential for your information
armoury. In addition to downloading free reports and gaining access to topical
on-line surveys, you can buy the entire range of the IoD’s publications direct
from the site (it has a secure server), as well as book your place at an event
or conference. You don’t have to be a member of the IoD to take advantage of
its on-line facility (simply impart a few details and register on the site),
but there is a restricted members’ area. You can also find out about using the
institute’s premises for a company’s function or event.

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