web site of the week: www.upmystreet.com

If you’re faced with the task of staffing a new division in an unfamiliar area, upmystreet offers a shortcut way of finding out vital information.

Key in a postcode and in seconds it will provide you with a study of the district, including demographics and socio-economic profile, average salaries, employment statistics and skills background. Equally if you are relocating an employee it comprehensively details property prices, average rents, council tax bands and schools’ performances and compares them against national averages. Although not a dedicated HR site, it is an excellent, easy-to-use resource for any HR manager who needs to acquire an instant knowledge of an area. It’s also one of those sites which will have your whole department keying in their post codes to see how the area in which they live and work fares. You have been warned.

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