Webinar: Automating the training process in quality-controlled environments

Cobent, market leaders in providing training process software solutions to Life Sciences organisations, will be delivering a webinar on ‘Automating the training process in quality-controlled environments’.

The online seminar – which takes place on 11th March 2008 – will outline how a more automated and training-centric approach to quality management can help Life Sciences organisations to:

 ·        Ensure training compliance

·         Improve the efficiency of their training process

·         Improve reporting access to critical data

 “Anyone with responsibility for training processes and/or quality management in their organisation should find this webinar invaluable,” commented Howard Sears, Cobent’s CEO.

“They may currently have a manual or semi-manual process for managing training around standard operating procedures, work instructions or generic training elements, in which case, there are marked gains in efficiency as well as cost savings to be made by automating at least some parts of the process”.

“Many organisations already have a Quality Management system with modules for document control, complaints management and Corrective and Preventative actions,” he added. “It is at critical points in these quality processes that events can occur which trigger a need to train.”


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