Webinar – how to develop employees’ resilience to gain organisational success

A free webinar discussing how to develop individual resilience to support the organisation : Thursday December 2nd, 2.30 to 3.30 (GMT).

Every day stresses, personal hardships and increasing economic pressures are manifesting themselves in the workplace, affecting every day operations.  Throw into mix the prospect of job cuts and there is no guessing whether people will prove resilient to the pressures or not.

Much is written about organisational resilience, yet few talk about supporting the people at the coalface working through times of major change.  Indeed, employee attitudes are likely to change in the face of redundancy.  A once loyal and motivated employee can become disenchanted, crushed even, as changes seem personal.  All too easily they can become much less effective.   Others, on the other hand, see the bigger picture, recognise what they can or can’t control and even feel ready to rise to a new challenge.

This practical and insightful webinar from A&DC discusses the characteristics of resilience, how they are identified and developed in employees to help the organisation succeed.



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