website of the week:

If you are seeking a user-friendly introduction to the world of e-learning, is an excellent site to bookmark. is one of the first companies in the UK to provide e-learning solutions or WBT (Web-based Training) – predicted to become the biggest sector in the technology training market over the next two years. Unlike many e-learning sites, it doesn’t overload you with massive lists of courses and it is refreshingly jargon free. If you are new to e-learning go straight to its explanatory sections, “What exactly is WBT”, “Why On-line Training” and “How we teach”, where you can quickly build a clear picture of what e-learning is about. Bear in mind that e-learning demands a certain level of computer hardware and software specification, so make sure your system is up to the job – cut to the FAQa (Frequently Asked Questions) section to find out more. A course catalogue tells you the range of IT, financial and business training available. There is also a search facility at the top of the site to find out if the course you’re looking for is available. Useful customised features once you’re up and running with the courses, include a corporate administration system which lets HR managers track a student’s progress.

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