Website of the week:

It’s a shame that more sites aren’t as upfront with their mission statement
and labelling as Workplace Violence, since the Web would be a much easier place
to navigate. The site states clearly and prominently on its home page that it
aims to reduce the incidence and impact of violence in the workplace by
providing a focal point for managers and frontline staff to share ideas and
practical solutions. It does just that. The site has been developed in
partnership with the public, private and voluntary sectors and one of the
driving forces behind it is workplace violence specialist consultancy Maybo (it
also has the backing of the CBI, CIPD and Alarm – the Association of Local
Authority Risk Takers. All information offered is free and featured areas
include Management Strategy, which looks at how to deal with the violence and
why it may occur, Sector Studies, covering the different kinds of workplaces
affected, highlighted with case studies, and an interactive clinic, which lets
you ask specific questions. There are also practical tools as well as safety
tips and a checklist that can be printed.nt financial advice group

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