West Lothian Council reveals plans for new equal pay deal

West Lothian Council has become the latest authority in Scotland to reveal plans for a new deal on equal pay under the government’s single-status initiative.

The authority’s policy, partnership and resources committee has approved a report which includes plans for a one-off equal pay compensation offer of £8.4m.

Council leader Graeme Morrice said the deal follows talks to settle pay among council staff.

“We have been working with the trade unions for some time now to develop a strategy to introduce new equal pay arrangements for all our employees under the national single status agreement,” he said.

The council agreed to adopt a nationally agreed job evaluation scheme which involved assessing the jobs of 5,000 employees across all services.

“We have now reached the stage where we are proposing to make offers on compensation to a number of our employees under equal pay legislation,” said Morrice.

“We will be seeking to reach agreement on a new pay and grading structure which will ensure equal pay for the future.”

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