What mangers have to gain from Learning at Work Day

15 May is Learning at Work Day. Here, the event’s organiser, the Campaign for
Learning, explains why managers should get involved.

your management more inspirational

and maximising talents are core to the success of every manager. Staff are more
likely to work well if they believe their manager cares and recognises their
varying talents and potential. The event encourages a non-confrontational
exploration of abilities and training needs.

on – and stay on – the learning ladder

long-term success of an organisation depends on it becoming a learning
organisation. By getting the whole workforce involved in one day of learning
activities, Learning at Work Day can provide a kick start or booster for
creating a learning culture.

your organisation’s trumpet

today’s competitive recruitment market, attracting and retaining the best
talent is key to maintaining a competitive edge. Learning at Work Day is an
ideal platform to promote your organisation as one committed to staff
development both internally and externally.

your organisation’s foundations

everyone can benefit from improving at least one essential skill, but this is
often an awkward subject for both staff and employers to discuss. On Learning
at Work Day, basic skills training can be integrated into the programme of
events providing a safe and non-stigmatising opportunity to help individuals
and the company address gaps.

your own learning horizons

have found the day a powerful formula for removing perceived barriers which
exist between sites, departments and teams – having shared interests and being
‘beginners together’ connects them in meaningful way to others. They have also
found it raises awareness and routes to develop their own potential.

a champion for learning

Le Meridian Hotels, BAA, T-Mobile and Scottish Power taking part, Learning at
Work Day 2003 looks set to be even bigger than in previous years. This is your
chance to join them and many others in receiving the benefits Learning at Work
Day has to offer.

to get involved

0117 966 7755 to receive your free publicity materials, visit www.learningatworkday.com for more
information to start planning for 15 May 2003.

further information see the feature Delivering Training on a Shoestring week’s  in this week’s issue of Personnel Today

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