Where’s Jeff? Take part in People Resolutions’ free prize draw and win £100 of Marks and Spencer vouchers

Holy cow! Panic has gripped the People Resolutions team.

Following the release of Part 1 of The Conflict SuperHRo’s Manual, our conflict-busting superhero mascot, Jeff (his civilian name – all the good SuperHRoes have one) has gone AWOL from the People Resolutions lair.

Is he alive, is he injured, has he lost his lunch money? After days searching far and wide, the only intel we have is that he is somewhere on our new website – allegedly just one click from the homepage.

But with the rest of our conflict busting squad busy helping HR professionals in conflict busting distress everywhere, we need your help to track him down.

We’re even offering a reward: Find and click on our missing Jeff on our website and you’ll be eligible to enter our free prize draw to win £100 of Marks and Spencer vouchers!

Join the search here.

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