Whitbread employees collect share-save dividend

Hundreds of people working for hospitality giant Whitbread are to share in a £2.6m share windfall when the company’s ‘sharesave’ scheme matures this week.

The three-year scheme allows employees to save up to £250 per month and retain the right to buy shares at a discounted offer price.

They can now choose to exercise their options and then sell the shares, exercise their options and keep the shares, or simply get their money back.

The grant price was £4.31 for scheme members was and with the share price currently trading at £8.86, 1,500 staff stand to double the value of their investments.

Whitbread’s group human resources director, Angie Risley, said: “Whitbread has performed well over the past few years and that is thanks to our people, who work extremely hard to provide the best possible service to our customers. 

“It is great news that they have this chance to personally share in the company’s success,” she said.

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