Who Moved My Cheese? life and work change solutions come to UK

Who Moved My Cheese? The best selling change management phenomena has hit UK shores in a deal that sees Emenex (Employee Engagement Excellence) Ltd  secure exclusive UK rights to deliver Who Moved My Cheese? life and work change solutions throughout Britain and Ireland.

Emenex Ltd, formerly known as Novations UK Ltd will be delivering the World’s most popular change management method and number one bestselling change book to organisations across the country in order to help leaders realise the results of change faster by engaging their employees through periods of change.

In business change is happening constantly and Emenex is delivering diagnostic tools, skills and approaches to help leaders and employees to embrace change through a series of workshops and coaching methods.

The Who Moved My Cheese? approach begins with an organisational assessment before introducing employees to Change Essentials to familiarise them with the language and a skillset to deal with change, while preparing leaders through Leaders@Change to reduce the time and cost associated with effective change.  Finally teams come together using Change-Team Tools to plan and implement their change effectively.

Alistair Aitchison, Emenex Ltd CEO says: “Unlike other change products in the market the Who Moved My Cheese solution focuses on helping people within organisations to come to terms with change rather than the organisational and process oriented approach that most other change organisations take.   

Formally Novations UK, Emenex Ltd has exclusive rights for the delivery of Who Moved My Cheese? and One Minute Manager for the UK and Ireland.

Emenex bring a great depth of experience and expertise around employee engagement to medium sized organisations. Building upon their existing partnerships with Novations Group Inc and new relationship with Red Tree Leadership Emenex offers clients access to world leading employee engagement solutions that really do make a difference.

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